Thank you to Arja Lyytikäinen, board member SAPERE, sharing this very interesting news :

“Very nice, just published, article to be added in the scientific evidence for Sapere – sensory food education during the life span (not only for children); narrow selection of foodstuffs, unbalanced diet due to neofobia is associated with poorer nutrition and risk of NCDs. Sapere – food education, as we all know, could be the solution to help people to eat more varied and have a better diet.”

In Am J Clin Nutr, June/2019: Food neophobia associates with poorer dietary quality, metabolic risk factors, and increased disease outcome risk in population-based cohorts in a metabolomics study

And also add in the media release of the National Institute for Health and Welfare (although it is in Finnish):

Uusien ruokien pelko voi heikentää ruokavalion laatua ja lisätä riskiä elintapasairauksiin

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