If you…

  • are running a taste education project
  • would like to introduce a SAPERE project into your classroom or establishment
  • are interested in getting your company involved in our initiative
  • have knowledge and experience of taste education
  • or would simply like to support our organisation

…then please contact us to find out more about becoming a project partner and joining the SAPERE network.

International – SAPERE aisblmoc.l1550736739iamg@1550736739togla1550736739.anit1550736739s1550736739 or moc.l1550736739iamg@1550736739swent1550736739arodo1550736739

In France – SAPERE Les Classes du Goût (SAPERE Taste Classes)moc.e1550736739cnail1550736739lal@e1550736739repas1550736739tcatn1550736739oc1550736739 or moc.l1550736739iamg@1550736739swent1550736739arodo1550736739


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