Taste education

SAPERE – an international network for a promising educational approach

Our mission

To give children and young people the ability to make balanced eating choices thanks to simple and fun learning activities, based on experiencing the five senses, at school or in school-related environments. 

Based on sensory awareness, the “SAPERE Taste Classes” method helps children to learn how to eat, by putting the taste experience at the heart of learning.

Learning to eat better   
SAPERE develops children’s sensory awareness, by awakening their interest and curiosity using practical exercises about the five senses, introducing them to the pleasures of the dining table and issues around health and diets.

Contributing to the battle against overweight
Helping young children to understand and enjoy a varied diet lays the foundations for healthier eating in the longer term. Conversely, a poor understanding of the sensory aspects of eating and of bad eating habits contributes, among other factors, to overweight and obesity.

Supporting children’s development
The SAPERE method enables every child to get to know him- or herself, and to develop by putting sensations into words and developing an analytical mind and critical thinking, without needing to worry about grades or norms.

Taking part in sustainable development
Sensory education helps young people to avoid becoming trapped by various forms of dependence, to learn about food waste and to appreciate regional and international food cultures, while acknowledging and respecting differences.

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