After responding to a call for projects, SAPERE Les Classes du Goût has been selected by the Hauts de France DRAAF (Directorate-General of Food, Agriculture and Forests) to take part in implementing one of the priority areas of the National Food Programme: “Developing food education for young people and enhancing food heritage”. 

Our association is proud and very lucky to be able, through this project, to raise awareness of and deploy the SAPERE METHOD for taste education, by offering to train willing school teachers, trainers, key workers and canteen staff in the Hauts de France region.

In conjunction with the various forms of academic learning that we’ve been developing for many years, this original, interactive method allows children and teenagers to discover food diversity, to get to know their sensory profile better and to become more open to accepting difference.
We hope the project will be a success that we can talk more about here.

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