Take part in “Taste education for all children” training co-organised by Atelier Canopé 26 – Valence and SAPERE, with Annick VIDAL of Diffessence.
20th November and 4th December 2019, 2-5pm in Valence (France).

Formation Canopé


– get to know yourself better by discovering your own sensory profile;
– describe sensations and perceptions, developing vocabulary and verbal expression;
– discover and learn to accept differences between individuals, as a form of citizen education;
– learn about food diversity, enable your own choices, and help to fight against obesity and other health problems;
– learn about sustainable development;
– develop your critical thinking and curiosity about the world;
– multi-disciplinary learning.

– Objectives of taste education
– Theory of taste
– Introduction to the sessions
– Participation in full set of sessions, to experience and understand how to provide taste education, and understand the underlying principles
– Discussions about practices, questions, perceptions and sensations
– Practical aspects
– How-to booklet provided, covering session content and delivery, materials needed, extension ideas
– All materials provided
– Advice and support tailored to specific projects is possible, with ongoing support if needed.

This free training is designed for primary and secondary school teachers, specialised teachers, educators and youth workers across “MJC”/”MPT”/charities/cultural organisations, canteen staff…

All the activities in this training day can be adapted for children with special needs.

Information and registration

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