Since 2023, the Research Centre for Lifecourse Nutrition at the University of Agder has been the Norwegian member of Sapere International. Research on sensory education is an important focus for Lifecourse Nutrition.

The Lifecourse Nutrition Centre has been conducting research on the Sapere method in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) in Norway since 2014. Our work is grounded in the Swedish translation and application of the Sapere method, originally derived from Jacques Puisais’s book, Taste and children. Algotson and Östrøm’s book for preschool children titled Sinnenas skafferi ( Sansenes spiskammer in Norwegian) has served as the basis for the development of Sapere sessions, which we have evaluated.

In two randomized controlled trials we have evaluated the effect of the Sapere method on child diet and food acceptance. In addition, we have explored how ECEC personnel in Norway experience using the Sapere method in their practices. The findings from our studies align with the core expected outcomes of the Sapere method as presented by Sapere international, showing that children aged 1-2 years may:

  • develop knowledge about their own senses.
  • enhance their ability to articulate sensory experience, moving beyond simple preferences such as “I like/I don’t like,” thereby improving conversational and language competence.)
  • develop greater willingness to try new and novel foods (fostering a sense of food courage).
  • gain experience with a variety of vegetables and dishes, broadening their food experiences.
  • share their sensory experiences with both peers and staff.
  • show enjoyment of shared meals with their peers, contributing to the development of social competence.

The teachers report that it is easy to conduct Sapere sessions/lectures and that it can be integrated into their daily pedagogical practices. We even found that using Sapere also affected the teachers themselves, leading to an increased willingness to try different foods. Moreover, our findings show that the teachers had previously underestimated the toddlers’ curiosity and willingness to try new and novel foods.

In 2021 we initiated the implementation of the Sapere method in ECECs in several Norwegian municipalities. This endeavor aims to identify ways of implementing the Sapere method within ECECs at a national level.


In Norway, two organization have disseminated sensory education: Norsk Kulturarv and Nofima, based on ideas of Arne Brimi and Einar Risvik. Since 2013, they have provided sensory education for thousands of children. In addition, these organizations have, through free courses, offered teachers in schools and ECECs education about flavors, food and meals and how to engage the pupils in this. Through this, they have become important ambassadors for preserving Norwegian food culture. These organizations were the Norwegian members of Sapere INTL until 2023.

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